If you already have UO and a third party program installed, simply connect to: magnapericulum.ddns.net Port 2593. The shard works best if you use client version, but will accept other versions as well.

If you don’t have UO installed then follow these steps to connect to Magna Periculum:

1. Download the UO classic client from https://uo.com/client-download/. And run uo.exe so that it downloads the latest version of the UO client.
2. Download OrionUO, the officially recommended third party client, from: http://orionuo.online/Launcher.html. Choose what fits your OS best. After installing make sure to let it update. Run the program as administrator if you run into any issues.
3. Set the following paths:

“UO Files path” should be set to wherever you installed UO, “Orion Path” can be set to wherever you like.
4. Afterwards you will need to set the client version. Click “Configure client version” Then enter and click “Create.” Once again, if it gives you an error message, try running it as Admin.
5. Final step is to enter the server’s credentials. Click “Add Profile” and then “Blank Profile.” Fill out the following fields as shown, and click “OK”

Congratulations! You’re now all set to start playing! Simply select the profile and click “Launch” to start playing. You’re very welcome! Enjoy!