This shard starting running in november 2019. It is based on the latest UO client as well as the latest ServUO software. The shard aims to attract the more hardcore player. as a result, you can for example get pk’d in Trammel just as easily as you can in Felucca. This goes for all of the other facets as well. You leave town at your own risk.

Many times the complaints can be seen: “UO is too carebear,” “You can’t lose your stuff, so there’s no danger and hence no fun!” “Trammel killed UO…” This shard was opened for these kind of people. Adventurers looking for a more casual kind of gaming experience can be disappointed here.

As far as content goes, the shard is mostly vanilla. Some of the “Carebear” functions have been taken out so as to instill that ‘hardcore’ feel a lot of the players seem to like. For example all of Magna Periculum has the Felucca ruleset, meaning once you go out of town: its danger for you!

Some custom content has been added and other tweaks have been made:
– Shrinking of pets through leashes. (can be bought at an animal trainer)
– Renting of otherwise empty townhouses. it gives function to them, you could open a mall, or a guild hall. These townhouses are enforced public.
– Skillcap is set at 12×120 skills.
– Statcap is set at 300.

There’s not many rules to follow on Magna Periculum:
– NO bug abusing.
– Always listen to staff.
– Otherwise you’re free to do whatever you want within the confines of the (intended) game mechanics.

Did this make you enthusiastic? Please consider joining us, check out for instructions on how to join. Also please consider joining the Discord.