Shard update 08-03-2020

Dear players, Here are today’s latest updates to the shard:– Points that are rewarded by storing bulk order deeds have been boosted. – We now have a ‘quick equipment’ system. …

Shard update 25-02-2020

Hi all! Here’s the latest shard update:– Skillball was updated to include the missing skills. – Hunger messages changed to original messages– Insurance has been disabled. See you ingame!Kloede

Starting bonus extended

Hi all! I’ve decided to extend the bonus until march the 31st! Take your chance while you can, after that it’ll be harder to start out ingame. Kloede

Shard update 23-02-2020

Hi all, here’s the latest additions to this shard:– Added an autodefend feature. This will allow your character to automatically attack different monsters when you’re under attack. Use the [autodefend …

Shard update 18-02-2020

Hi all! These are the newest changes to shard gameplay:– Mages all over the world now sell arcane focus. This is available in both 12H and 24H formats.– Animal Trainers …